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FAQ Section

@Fahmi: Why cant I bring my HP, how parent can contact me?

Since this program a collaboration with the Ministry of Education, it is considered a school program. Therefor you are not allowed to bring mobile phone. We will provide a contact number for parent in the handout. Any further question and explanation will be provided during parents briefing.

However for January Homestay (SPM), you are allowed to bring HP as you are not bound to school and Ministry of Education rules anymore. 


@yiwen : fahmi,what type of formal dress is?Is it like school uniform or just T-shirt n pants??

Formal dress is Shirt and Slacks for boys, Shirt and skirt, Baju Kurung, Trouser, neat Dress or in-case you do not have the attire mentioned, you can wear school uniform for last resort.  You will only need to wear formal when the parent briefing is conducted. For orientation, I will brief you guys later. 

For 2014 onwards, please follow the requirement set in the offer letter which required for participant to use their School Uniform for the opening ceremony.


@Akira : are traditional costume compulsory cause dont have any. 

It is not compulsory to bring you traditional costume but highly encourage to bring as there will be a cultural exchange program that require you to dress in our traditional clothing. If you do not bring then you wont be able to participate. 


@Liy : fahmi, how cold will it be in japan/australia/korea ?? do you think sweaters are enough without winter jackets? 

For Japan, The temperature will be around 7C-12C depending on your location (November- December). However due to Disneyland Tokyo is beside the sea, it will be a bit windy. Therefor a light winter attire is advisable. A couple layer of sweater with hood should suffice.

For Australia, Gold coast temperature in May June will be arround 12C-25C therefor a sweater is needed. Your would not need to use any winter attire, just wear multiple cloth if you feel cold. Be reminded that Gold Coast is near to coast, therefor expect the weather to be windy. 

For Korea, temperature for in May June will be around 18-27C, a normal casual attire with sweater should suffice. In case you feel cold, please wear multiple clothing to keep you warm


@Akira : @Fahmi can I bring my iTouch / Laptop as my photo album?

You can bring you iPod for the Homestay program but we advice you to spend more time with your host family than your gadget.As for laptop we highly discourage student to bring their Laptop. Please be reminded that mobile phone are prohibited as for the requirement from Ministry of Education.


@Yuki : Why must we bring music cd...?

To share with your host family on what type of music you're listening to. (Credit to Ryanloke)


@LaVendry : @fahmi can we change our host family?

No you cannot change your host family as each student has been assign by Japanese/Korean/Australian Representative. 


@ryanloke : @fahmi must we bring a carry on bag??

Hand Luggage is optional. You can bring if needed. As for the luggage, 20KG is the limit for each person. 


@Mirahime : ohh, the plug socket in japan/korea/australia..i wonder if it's different from ours in malaysia. cuz i'll probably have to charge my camera an all. do i need to buy the ''socket thingey'' ( i dont know what's it's called :D 

Japan socket is a bit different with Malaysian socket. Please check here. Please take note that the voltage power in Japan is 110v. Make sure that you adapter support 110v-240v if you wish to charge your camera. As for Korea/Australia majority of the place already use 240v, therefor you should be able to use your device. Just make sure to read the label first. You may also need adapter as the socket is different.


@li chin : and do we have to prepare a present for each of the members in our host family?

No need. Just a simple souvenir to the host family is enough. You dont need to buy for each of them. Just give something simple that reflect our country and culture is sufficient.


@fahmi, for the pocket money, what are we going to spend it on? are all the meals provided and the transportation too. what are the pocket money stated are used for?

All meals and transportation are provided full board. You pocket money is for you to buy souvenir. Inside Disneyland Tokyo there are tonnes of souvenir you can purchase. Your host family also most probably will go shopping with you therefor you can use your pocket money to purchase anything you like. The pocket money is optional, you can choose not to bring any if you like. 

Same goes to Korea and Australia, since you will be spending most of your time outside, you can use you pocket money to purchase any souvenir you like. 


@dina7788 : well, how about camera and mp3 ? are they allowed

Yes, we allow you to bring mp3 but it is not advisable, please spend more time with your foster family instead. As for camera, we strongly encourage you to bring since you need to submit a report with picture for your certificate. 


Future question will be updated.